Activities within the scope of HERA


Before using the application, women will be given education about the recommended cares and the risky conditions during and after the pregnancy, the importance of vaccination for children and the situations which will occur if a child isn’t vaccinated according to guidelines.

Use of Application, Tracking and Control

Application will be introduced and an education will be given about how to use it. After the education, the tracking of vaccination and the prenatal care will be supported with push notifications and sharing health information. Also, the application will provide the storage for electronic health records.

Grand Challenges Canada

A non-profit organization, funded by the Government of Canada, supporting the projects offering solutions for the healthcare and social problems in the developing and undeveloped countries. It strives for a better world with brave ideas and projects while primarily aiming to solve critical global healthcare challenges. In line with this purpose, it works with the innovators of original ideas to decrease the deaths of mothers, newborns, babies, and children.