What is HERA ?

HERA is a tech NGO that prevents child and mother deaths by connecting refugees with preventative healthcare digitally. We remove the demand-side barriers that stop refugees from accessing childhood vaccinations and prenatal care.

What awards did HERA get?

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why was HERA started?

HERA was founded by global health students who observed the strong potential of mobile health reminders. Since 2018, HERA has grown to 20 members and focuses primarily on maternal and child health.

Do refugees have cellphones?

Cellphones are no longer a luxury item: for many refugees around the world, mobile phones are a lifeline and a connection to family.
Our research has shown that the overwhelming majority of Syrian refugees have access to mobile phones.

How do you protect your users’ privacy?

Our users’ data is extremely sensitive, so we protect it with the latest encryption methodologies and store our data in a decentralized location. We are always looking for new ways to improve user security.
Why is HERA unique from other apps?:

HERA is the only medical reminder app that is focused on the specific needs of refugees. We address their unique barriers to care, such as unfamiliarity with the local health system, language barriers, and high mobility.

Can HERA be used for things other than maternal and child health?

Yes! HERA is focused on prenatal care and vaccinations, but the app was designed to be modular so that new sections can be easily added. We intend to expand HERA to cover chronic conditions, such as diabets and heart disease, as well as mental health.