We care about the privacy and security of your personal  data. Under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data  No. 6698 (LPPD’), we would like to enlighten you as  MEDAK/ Medical Search and Rescue Association in  the capacity of Data Supervisor. In accordance with the  Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, the  extent to which MEDAK may process your personal  data in the capacity of Data Supervisor is explained  below.  

I. What are the Method and the Legal Reason of  Collecting Your Personal Data by Us?

MEDAK collects your personal data to carry out our  activities on the basis of legal reasons to ensure  compliance with different channels, legislation, and  association policies. As per LPPD, the personal data  you have shared with us via the HERA application may  be obtained, recorded, stored, maintained, updated for  the continuation of our services, modified, reorganized,  disclosed to third parties in the cases and to the extent  permitted by the legislation and processed by us in the  capacity of Data Supervisor within the framework  defined in LPPD. Your personal data may only be  processed and transferred for the purposes set out in  this Clarification Text in accordance with the basic  principles stipulated by the LPPD and within the scope  of the personal data processing conditions and  purposes set forth in Articles 5 and 6 of the LPPD.  Although it may vary depending on the activities carried  out by our Association, generally, your personal data  may be collected to perform the operational activities  carried out by the Association units in accordance with  the legislation, contract, and technological  requirements.    

II. For What Purpose Do We Process  Your Personal Data?  

MEDAK may only process your personal data for the  purposes set out below in accordance with the basic  principles stipulated by the LPPD and within the scope  of the personal data processing conditions and  purposes set forth in Articles 5 and 6 of the LPPD:  

  • Fulfillment of the legal and administrative  obligations of MEDAK in accordance with the  legislation,
  • Ensuring and maintaining coordination,  cooperation, and efficiency within the  Association,
  • The investigation, detection, prevention and  notification to the relevant administrative or  judicial authorities of the contradictions to the  law in the contracts to which the Association is a  party,  
  • Elimination of legal disputes that may exist or  may occur in the future,  
  • Responding to questions and requests,  
  • Protection of the commercial reputation and the  developed trust of the Association.  

II. To Whom and For What Purposes Do We Transfer  Your Personal Data?  

Your personal data collected may only be transferred by  MEDAK for the purposes set out above in accordance  with the basic principles stipulated by the LPPD and  within the scope of the personal data processing  conditions and objectives set forth in Articles 8 and 9  of the LPPD to our business partners, business  contacts, performance assistants and subcontractors  and to home or abroad in accordance with the activities  of our Association or in the cases stipulated by the  legislation on regulatory-supervisory authorities and  governmental entities. we may disclose your personal  data to third party service providers to conduct our  activities (for instance to get support on issues such as  management and storage of information systems, data  analysis, etc.). These transfers ensure that your shared  personal data is limited to the service to be provided,  and all necessary measures are taken to protect your  personal data as required by the legislation.  

By signing this text, in accordance with LPPD, you  hereby explicitly declare that you have read, understood  and given express consent to 

  • the collection and processing of your personal  data using the methods mentioned above,  
  • the transfer of your personal data to the above-  mentioned third parties home and abroad and the  transference/sharing of your personal data to the  elsewhere within the scope of the purposes  mentioned above.