2022 Partnership Proposal or Exploration: HERA Inc. & [Partner] | Download PDF version

HERA’s mission is to connect forcibly displaced populations with available health services in their host countries. We do this by utilizing a technology they are already familiar with—their mobile phones. Our vision is for HERA to connect refugee and displaced populations with available healthcare services wherever they may go. As a digital platform, HERA can store medical records, provide appointment reminders, and expand to other interventions such as finding nearby health centers, calling emergency services, and learning about the latest health issues such as the pandemic. Until now, we reached 3000 refugees and facilitated thousands of vaccines delivered and pregnancy care appointments done.

HERA Digital Health Mobile Application

Bridging the gap between available health services and refugee mothers and children is HERA’s priority, and HERA knows that mobile people require mobile solutions. Incubated at the Harvard Innovation Labs, HERA has already demonstrated impact in pilots funded by Grand Challenges Canada, the European Investment Bank, and Google.

HERA is a modern, open-sourced, easy-to-use, and multilingual mobile phone application that refugees can use to store their medical records and locate nearby medical clinics or emergency services. HERA also assists users in attending medical appointments such as prenatal care and routine childhood vaccinations by sending push notifications. Previous studies from other contexts show similar interventions can increase uptake of vaccines by 30% and prenatal care checkups by 40%. Multiple peer-reviewed papers have been published on HERA’s work.

Partnership Overview and Options
1. Yearly General Support Partner

HERA’s main objective is to reach more refugees and asylum seekers and help them access healthcare services. General Support Partner sponsors the routine activities of the organization.

  • ●  Opportunity to be branded as an ongoing sponsor of HERA’s work around the world and receive recognition in all printed media.
  • ●  Quarterly updates from the executive board on how the support is being translated to impact in the field (including numbers of vaccines done and pregnancy care appointments/ safe deliveries)
  • ●  [Partner] events to share HERA’s learnings in refugee health and how technology plays a role in the future of global health.
  • ●  Includes the following Marketing and Promotion:
    • ○  Logo recognition on landing page
    • ○  Showcasing [Partner]s support in email and social media marketing channels on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube
    • ○  A <5 min video how [Partner] supports HERA and how the organization is empowered from the sponsorship

2. Refugee Hiring Program Partner

HERA makes an exclusive effort to hire from the refugee communities whenever possible. For 2022, our aim is to increase the presence of refugee communities in the tech team and field team. Refugee hiring program sponsor supports the costs associated with a new hire who is from the refugee community that we work with.

  • ●  Opportunity to be branded as the refugee hiring program sponsor
  • ●  A case study written by HERA’s team on the impact of hiring refugees in refugee response organizations and HERA.
  • ●  Includes the following Marketing and Promotion:
    • ○  Logo recognition on landing page as Refugee Hiring Program Partner
    • ○  Showcasing [Partner]s support in email and social media marketing channels on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube

3. Field Expansion Sponsor

HERA Inc. works with local partners to reach more refugees within refugee hosting countries. These efforts include collaboration with grassroots organizations working with refugees, camp site visits, workshops for refugees and local media outreach. Field expansion support will enable us to hire local (and mostly refugee) employees for outreach, create culturally appropriate visibility material and local partnerships.

  • ●  Opportunity to be branded as the expansion sponsor
  • ●  A virtual or physical site visit with sponsor’s employees or designated persons
  • ●  An impact report on how the funds are used and translated into impact in the field
  • ●  Includes the following Marketing and Promotion:
    • ○  Logo recognition on landing page as Field Expansion Sponsor
    • ○  Showcasing [Partner]s support in email and social media marketing channels on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube
    • ○  Logo and blurb about the partner in all visibility material

4. Employee Engagement and Giving Campaign

Employee engagement is a powerful tool for companies to increase their employee’s well being and participation in social responsibility activities. In addition to matching campaign by the companies, their employees can invest valuable time and experience they have to HERA to support us in multiple ways: Tech infrastructure, marketing, mentoring strategic growth and many others.

  • ●  An Employee & Engagement Campaign creates an engagement opportunity that can empower your global employee base to direct foundation funding through a donation credit allocated to each employee.

Our supporters and partners

HERA’s work is supported by many international donors, academic institutions and corporate sponsors. They are essential to our work in reaching more refugees and saving lives.

We are sincerely grateful for your consideration and are proud to partner with you. Thank you!

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