Who are we?

HERA Inc is a US registered non-profit organization whose mission is to improve decades-old healthcare practices among the worldwide refugee population with non-cumbersome, no- red tape, easy and free to use healthtech and blockchain technologies. One of our products is a mobile health platform that helps refugees access vaccination and pregnancy care through their mobile phones. We connect them to the existing services in the host country. Our work has been published and demonstrated to work in Syrian refugee population in Turkey.

P.S: We are also open sourcing the project to give it to the world for free!

The Work Culture

HERA Inc is a fully remote, flexi-hour company. The requirement is to work at least 40 hours a week. Whether you work 9am to 6pm daily, or 4 hours on some days and 12 hours on other days, it is up to you. We trust you will be accountable, responsible and disciplined in ensuring progress to release new product features, updates and even crazy new ideas to maximize impact on the refugee population.

There will be times you will be required to conduct field work where we interview, test our products and do user research in person with our refugee population. We found these face-to-face field research sessions are most effective in studying the usability of products we build and gathering data on what to improve and build next.

Ready to build bold, new, products that will change the lives and become a well-loved product among the worldwide refugee population? Send your resume to [email protected]

Did you know?

Turkey provides refugees with free public healthcare – including prenatal medical checkups and essential vaccinations for children. No appointments are required and all patients have to do is walk-in. However, many refugees are unaware of the essential vaccinations and prenatal checkups required, leaving many families vulnerable to common diseases.

Senior Software Engineer (Paid, Full-Time)

Hello there! If you’re looking for an impactful job where you get to help the Syrian and Afghan refugee committee in Turkey, read on! If building a product used by 3 million refugees is a challenge you’d like to take on, we’d like to hear from you!

Project: Hera Digital Health Platform

Project Status: 

  • Mobile App and Admin Panel is already deployed into production and used by hundreds of Syrian refugees in Turkey.
  • Based on the data and user research conducted with 3000 refugee families, we built v2.0 of the product
  • V2.0 is already live on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

The Summary of How the App Works

  • A pregnant woman or a mum of a few children enters her pregnancy week and children’s birthdays into our app
  • The app then automatically calculates the dates of necessary vaccinations and medical checkups as per the WHO guidelines
  • Reminders are sent before these vaccinations and checkups
  • Mum and children attends the checkups and vaccinations
  • And done!
  • Yes, it’s made intentionally super simple for maximum user uptake and user impact! We found such simple solutions and implementations were most effective for even the most tech agnostic users and improved healthcare quality among mums and their children

Why make it open source?

  • We believe there are millions more refugees in other geographies and cultures that will benefit from our digital health platform.
  • We do not see a reason for us to be the gatekeeper of who uses this platform.
  • By making it open source, any refugee camp, NGO or organization can take our code, make modifications (language, messages, process flow) to suit their own refugee population and deploy it in record time! No approval or red tape will be required.

The Technical Details

Tech Stack: React Native, Expo, Django, PosgreSQL, Docker

Backend Infrastructure: AWS Copilot, Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, AWS CodePipeline

Note: You do not need to know any of the tech stack or backend infrastructure before applying. We are a strong believer that a good coder with strong programming fundamentals will be able to pick up any tech stacks needed to get the job done


  • Always open and ready to experiment with and build fresh, new, never done before ideas
  • Based in Turkey
  • Speaks Turkish fluently
  • Speaks English fluently
  • Strong fundamentals in software engineering principles
  • Experience developing production-grade web projects or mobile apps with real users, complete with URL to the live web projects or in the case of mobile apps, links to the app store
  • Track record of jobs or volunteer work in other charities, NGOs or non-profit organizations
  • Willingness to work hard and learn fast!

Bonus Points: 

  • Familiar with our tech stack (React Native, PosgreSQL, Django)
  • For projects where sharing a URL is not possible, a video will be sufficient
  • Prior experience managing a team
  • Prior experience conducting code reviews of junior team members / interns
  • Speaks Arabic